Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: Godparent Chapter 11

Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: Godparent Chapter 11

Disclaimer: Cant believe I have to say this again, but I dont own Fairly OddParents.

Authors Note: Ive decided that Ill write a sequel for this fic, when Im finished. I had an idea for it. Also, this fanfic is pre-Timmy/Tootie, in a way. A bit higher than if-you-squint, but not at the level of Timmy-and-Tootie-are-in-a-relationship, if you get one I mean. Should I warn for it or not? Concrit is appreciated.

Chapter 11: Sadness in Prison

Since their wedding, Cosmo and Wanda had only been apart three or so times. Cosmo had realized how sad life was without her the first time, when they had to split up to make sure both Timmy in Doidles body and Doidle in Timmys were safe. Cosmo had looked through his address book and realized that only Wandas name was in it, albeit a hundred times or so.

Cosmo missed her an equal amount this time. He had screamed himself hoarse crying for Wanda, despite the fact he knew the Pixies had caught her. He wanted to beat up those freaks for capturing her! They were not like corn. They were not good.

Wanda wondered if Cosmo was safe. She was trapped in a complex butterfly net prison, with hundreds of fairies. Cosmo was not one of those hundreds. The Pixies had PINGed away all sharp objects near the fairies and had magically clipped their nails, leaving them no obvious ways to escape. Moreover, in case any fairy found a way to do so, they had set lots of alarms, which would go off as soon as the fairy escaped. Escaping would be a tricky business for sure and Wanda didnt feel like risking it yet.

Timmy wondered whether Tootie becoming his fairy godparent and getting taken away was a dream. Timmy figured it wasnt. If he was dreaming, Trixie Tang would have been a mermaid and thered be dozens of her and hed be dating them all.

Therefore, Tootie the fairy was not a dream. Tootie was a fairy. She had become his godparent, illegally obviously, since the muscle-bound fairy that took her said she was going to Abracatraz, which sounded like the name of a prison. Tootie must have been brave, to become his godparent illegally. Maybe, Trixie wasnt the only girl worth dating after all (though she was still worth dating, if he could even get her, which didnt seem to be happening any time soon). Maybe, Tootie wasnt as creepy as he previously thought.

Anti-Cosmo was jealous of the other Anti-Fairies. They were causing bad luck on Earth and he, their leader, was still in prison. He knew that if he escaped, Jorgen Von Strangle would trap him in a harder-to-escape prison, but he still yearned for the freedom to roam the skies, causing bad luck willy-nilly. He reminded himself that by staying in prison, hed get more freedom later. A darker version of a common philosophy about responsibly.

Tootie was angry at the buff fairy for stealing her from Timmy and imprisoning her. She finally was helping him, and yet she still was treated like a creepy stalker. Timmy needed her, she was sure, and she wanted to be with him!

Timmy felt very happy at school that day. Francis was gone so he no longer got daily beatings. Crocker wasnt there, and the substitute was nice and sane. He actually learned from her. Crocker’s craziness had made his ability to teach practically non-existant.

When he got home, he found that his parents were going out and had hired a nicer babysitter. Vicky had quit working for the Turners after the embarrassment (which she said that she had too many of) and was now working for another family. Timmy pitied whoever had ended up with her. Vicky was a misery.

Jorgen showed Tootie the video of Timmys happiness.


He wouldnt! yelled Tootie, Timmy is kind and brave! I wished for the stuff that made him happy anyway! So there!

Tootie did want Timmy, but she was glad he was happy. Even if he didnt need her.

Jorgen didnt care about what Tootie thought. Timmy had mistreated his fairies. They had quit. Tootie had disobeyed Da Rules. Nothing else mattered to Jorgen when Da Rules got involved.

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